Inside the Political World of Iowa


First day on the Iowa political trail and I am already exhausted. I woke up around seven and by eight or so we were out to go work for Ben Carson. But to Nick, Sebastian, and my surprise their building was locked and no one was seen. After that we decided to go volunteer with Ted Cruz. When we first arrived in the semi small room it was full of busy people ranging from all ages and genders. There were probably around fifty or so people; people were all around us on phones, running around, and supervising. Many of them in Ted Cruz red white and blue jerseys. (They are available for a cheap price of eighty seven dollars on Cruz’s website). I made easily over one hundred calls and around forty percent answered the calls. Many who answered planed on going out to caucus and many were for Cruz. But there was a huge number of people who were split between either Carson, Cruz, or Trump. I heard very little Rubio supporters if any to be honest which caught me by surprise. I myself am nowhere near the right on the political spectrum so this was a very odd experience for me yet it was amazing to see the passion from his supporters. All the people there were so energetic and so welcoming to everyone. And while I don’t believe in their views it’s amazing to see people so involved and caring about someone they believe will bring a better future. I had a young boy beside me calling and it was odd while also hopefully for me to see. It was odd because it’s not likely the young boy knows politics, it’s likely he likes Cruz because his family does. I later learned that his whole family was there supporting Cruz and that he hasn’t been into politics before but since he saw his parents so involved he wanted to be. From that he said he has been getting more and more involved and it’s so amazing to see a young mind getting involved so early. The building was covered in Cruz posters and such. One of my favorite was the one saying, “TrusTED.” After a couple hours we left for lunch and came to Java Joes a local coffee joint where msnbc is covering the caucus and interviewing people. Mellissa introduced us to many of her close friends of the network and its amazing be so close to the inside of the media. Being able to see how elaborate and huge the media empire is just surreal. Later in the evening we went to a huge media center with Fox news and many others. There were hundreds of media personnel doing what they do best, reporting. And while seeing how huge this whole process is, it hasn’t changed my mind that in many ways the Caucus is overhyped in a way. Since Iowa is one of the worst states to show a reflection of what Americans want (since little diversity), so in my opinion while the caucus is a big deal it’s not the biggest deal. (But it’s been an amazing experience).

David Ajamy II


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