It’s Really Happening


Tomorrow morning the Republican National Convention will begin.  The two meter tall fences that circumvent the perimeter of Cleveland will be given purpose when the soon-to-be leader of the once grand party makes his procession to Quicken Loans Arena as thousands swarm to show their support and thousands more counter their presence brandishing signs of frustration and disgust.  It will be a parade very different from the one that the city saw just weeks ago when Cleveland’s prodigal son LeBron James hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy high above the corner of West Huron and Ontario Street.  The motorcade will travel rapidly through ardent crowds of intermingled supporters and protesters who will have more in common than either will expect as they all hope Mr. Donald Trump might take notice to their incoherent shouting.  He will sit behind tinted windows, bullet-proof no doubt, making his way through an Orwellian version of what was once Cleveland.  Men in body armor line the streets, silhouettes clutching rifles speckle the rooftops.  Everybody will expect disaster and pray that there is none.  Delegates will file quietly into the arena, some happy to make Mr. Trump the leader they feel their party deserves while others will wear bleak faces, forced to cast a begrudging vote for the golden-haired circus clown as to not let down thousands of constituents who expect them to do so.  

Planes towing banners that read “Hillary For Prison” or “Protect Real Marriage” will continue to circle the city, even though images of their messages had been plastered on social media since before the convention had even begun.  A truck with a digitalized image of President Reagan smeared on its broadside will make a route around the perimeter of fencing, a ghostly voice of the party’s deceased idol whispering through speakers that top the cab, “tell the senate to do it’s job!”

This scene will go on for days until finally confetti will fly and Donald Trump’s position as the nominee will no longer be presumptive.  It will be the job of the Democrats to make sure that this parade’s final destination is not the White House.

Nick Boney 7/17/16


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