First Lady Melania


All eyes were on Melania Trump at the start of the Republican National Convention as she took the stage on Monday evening, and everyone eagerly awaited to hear what the potential First Lady had to say as throughout the campaign she has been viewed as simply a model and trophy wife to Donald Trump. Unfortunately, the speech did not change that impression of her and may have even worsened it as people realized that she had not only plagiarized parts of her speech, but plagiarized First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.Social media had a field day as Facebook posts cycled a video which had footage of both speeches side by side, and Instagram and Twitter shared memes mocking Melania Trump.

Although many people made fun of her I began to wonder whether or not the Trump campaign is taking both the responsibilities of a First lady and the possibility of Melania being a First Lady seriously. Throughout the campaign Trump has portrayed her as a trophy, as he comments on her beauty and even compared her appearance to that of other Republican Candidates’ wives. In the media and throughout the campaign she has been fairly silent other than to say she is proud of her husband. While the first lady does not have to be a Hillary Clinton, Eleanor Roosevelt or Michelle Obama, First Ladies who I would consider to have been heavily involved in politics, she could have been like a Nancy Reagan or Jackie Kennedy both of which played more traditional roles as First Lady. However, both Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy played significant roles during the campaign process that Melania has yet to demonstrate, in my opinion she hardly seems interested in the campaign at all. That is not to blame her, considering the fact that I doubt that she or even Trump thought he was going to run for president in the future when she married him.  

When interviewing people in the surrounding areas of the Republican National Convention about what they thought of Melania Trump as a potential first lady, following her Monday speech, many people responded with approval followed by comments on her appearance and beauty. The Trump campaign missed an opportunity to really sway the public’s opinion of Melania’s from beauty to something more such as her fluency in five languages or the fact that she is an immigrant. By using these two angles she could have commented on Trump’s foreign policy plan, which many are concerned about considering his aggressive nature, or commented on the immigration policy as that is one of his main policies of his campaign.


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