A Day at the Republican National Convention

Tuesday was an action-packed day for sure. I started out my day by walking down to the Quicken Loans arena around 10 AM to check out what was going on in the Convention Zone. IMG_1384

As we walked near CNN Grille to the entrance of the Arena, we saw John Cain and started chatting with him about Wake the Vote. We were about to get a picture with Cain when Wolf Blitzer walked up and introduced himself.


FullSizeRender (7)

We then went into the Q, home of 2016 NBA Championship Cavaliers, to see what was going on. Surprisingly, once we were inside of the building there was little security since nothing was really going. We first walked on the lower concourse and noticed that the concessions were selling breakfast food. There was also a lot of Trump/Pence gear for sale. As I walk into the main area of the arena and onto the floor, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the stage. I have never seen such an extravagant stage in my life. It really does feel like it could be used for the Hunger Games. While we were on the floor where delegates would fill the seats hours later, we watched as staff made preparations for the next session and media conducted broadcasts. The Gettysburg Address was cued up on the main teleprompter.

FullSizeRender (8)

We left the Arena and went to the Browns football stadium for the Southern States Tailgate with fellow Demon Deacon, Santo Maestri. The tailgate was well attended by the delegations from southern states. There was a band, tailgate food, and lots of corn hole.

Next, we went to Governor Kasich’s party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This party event felt a lot like a campaign event for Kasich. There was absolutely no mention of  Trump by Kasich. The place was packed. They even had to stop letting people in the building. When Gov. Kasich walked out to the Who’s “Won’t Be Fooled Again,” and the crowd went wild. He kept to the same campaign message that he used while he was running for President. It felt like this event was a way for Kasich to hint that he will be back in the running for President in 2020.


We only stayed at this event for about an hour because we had to get down to the convention zone. Before we went inside the arena we stopped we stopped by the Facebook Live Mini Oval Office.



Once inside inside it really began to set in that I was actually at the convention. The doing interviews media everywhere, delegates rushing down to the floor, and attendees loading up on souvenirs.  I got to my seat and began to take it all in. Once inside it was easier to see how this is one major production for prime-time. There was a house band that played music in between speakers.

The convention got underway with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Then they moved into the Delegates casting their votes for the nominee for President. There were a few states that stood out to me during this segment of the night. It was hilarious to hear the boos Florida received when they said they were home to the place where Lebron won his first two championships. Also, I enjoyed hearing North Carolina call out there votes given that North Carolina is where I am from. The most controversial part of this process was when Washington D.C. refused to be bound to Trump. None of their nine delegates were for Trump which is why they were upset that they all ended up bound to Trump. There was a lot of confusion on the floor and the convention recessed for about ten minutes while the Committee figured out the rules. The spokesperson came back out and explained the rules but it still didn’t make since that the delegates were bound to Trump when they weren’t suppose to be bound to a candidate in the first place. Lastly, New York got to cast the votes that put Donald J. Trump over the 1237 delegate mark. Confetti shot out and New York New York played over the speakers.


Once the main speeches of the night got under way, I stopped by the NBC News Booth and watched Chris Christie deliver what many called the best speech of the night. In the speech, Christie appeared to be trying to position himself for Attorney General. He would present “information” to the crowd about Secretary Clinton and then the crowd would yell “lock her up!” Donald Trump Jr. and Ben Carson spoke that night as well.



All in all Tuesday was an amazing day at the convention. I was fortunate to be able to attend so many different events that it took days to process everything that I got to experience. I highly recommend attending a convention if you have never done so.



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