Moving Forward: A New Republican Party

Going into this week, I was hoping that there would be a pivotal moment where I could jump on the Trump Train and fully support him for President of the United States of America. Unfortunately, that moment never came. The general theme of the convention seemed to be hatred and negativity. At many times, I felt really awkward watching the speeches with my liberal friends and cohort members.

During the daytime in Cleveland, we attended many different policy panels, ranging from poverty to foreign policy to criminal justice reform. These panels reminded me of why I am Republican. The members of the panels had great answers for why our party is the best path forward for the country. There was one key similarity that stuck out to me about the people that talked to us. Almost all of the Republicans that talked to us wouldn’t directly endorse Trump. Lots of Republicans were quick to come out against Hillary, and with good reason, but it still feels like Republicans are hesitant to fully back Trump.

As a twenty year-old Republican, I have a lot of hope for the Republican Party. I have hope that our party can stop its attacks on woman. I have hope that our party will lift up members of the LGBTQ communities. I have hope that we can come up with meaningful immigration reform to fix the current broken system.

I have hope that we can get over these things because we need Republican policies to fix some of our nation’s toughest problems right now. We have a national debt that is approaching 20 trillion dollars, over the last seven years we have had a failed foreign policy in the Middle East, and our social security programs are in serious need of reform. However, if our party doesn’t stop alienating people, then the policies that our country needs to fix these problems will never stand a chance of being implemented because Republicans won’t be elected to office.

Our country desperately needs leaders that will lift us out of the current political gridlock. Donald Trump is not that leader. Hillary Clinton is not that leader. The sad reality is that at this point in the Presidential race neither candidate is going to bind this country together by reaching out across the aisle next January. It is still important that we show up at the voting booths in November and cast our ballots even if the candidates weren’t our first choices in the primaries. After this election, hopefully a new voice of young conservatives will emerge.



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