State of Fear

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 5.19.54 PM

“This would be the perfect opportunity for a terrorist to blow up an entire street,” hushed a man in a tacky suit with an oversized Donald Trump button pinned on his lapel.  I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me, the brim of his “Make America Great Again” hat pulled low on his face kept me from seeing the direction of his gaze.  

That night, Donald Trump would go on to accept the Republican Party’s official nomination for the Presidency of the United States.  Heavy words full of hate and intended to induce fear would fall on hordes of delegates like bricks, the foundation of his infamous wall.

At the time, I couldn’t fathom why anyone might feel the need to approach a stranger about the possibility of a terrorist attack, but after watching Mr. Trump’s speech it became clear: the GOP nominee has scared Americans into voting for him.  Trump’s candidacy has been like an injection of morphine into the veins of the American way of life—if you want to believe such a thing ever existed.  We have become numb not only to violence, but to what ought to be.  The notion that someone can backhandedly mention a terrorist attack to a stranger and expect that they’re receptive to the comment is outrageous.  We deserve better than the fear mongering, authoritarian, and nationalist Donald Trump.  America deserves better.



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