Positivity amidst Cynicism

During my time at the both national conventions I had many thought provoking conversations about criminal justice reform, foreign policy, health care, the economy and immigration. Of course lying at the intersection of all these issues is education. So I took it upon myself to ask just about anyone I could about how education plays a role in each of these policy areas. And I asked each person, politicians, policy makers, teachers, students, protestors, and random convention goers to describe how they felt about the state of our education system in as few words as possible.

In the end, the responses I got were fairly mixed, but the presiding message I got was “hope”. In fact, more often than not even though every person had a lot to say about the inequities or issues we face, when it came to finally choosing just a few words they mostly all switched gears to an optimistic and hopeful perspective.

This is important because for all the issues that we face as a nation it becomes increasingly easier to become dejected and fall into a cloud of cynicism. It becomes overwhelming almost to grapple with all the problems that we are facing simultaneously. But despite the negativity it is always important to stay positive. To stay optimistic and hopeful. Otherwise you’ll go crazy under the feverish burdens that we face. Inequality and frustration are road blockers when trying to create change. You have to believe that change is actually possible and that change is actually happening in order to fight for it.

Anyways, here’s a word cloud I made of all the quotes I got during both conventions. See which words stand out the most!




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