Door Knocking in Forsyth County

This week I had the chance to go out and knock on doors for the North Carolina Republican party. I was really excited to be a party of this effort to help out Republicans up and down the ticket. Even though I had worked on Capitol Hill a month earlier, there was just a different feeling for being able to go out and campaign.

The last two and only times that I had ever done door knocking was in the winter of last year with the Wake the Vote cohort assignments. I was assigned to knock for Sec. Clinton in Iowa and Senator Cruz in South Carolina. Going door-to-door for these candidates was a weird experience because I didn’t like either of them, for different reasons of course.

Now I did miss cold Iowa weather that we had earlier this year when I was out knocking this week. It had to be almost 100 degrees during the day. What I enjoyed the most was being able to talk to real voters that live in the same city as the college I attend. It was fascinating to hear from people about why they would vote for one candidate and not another. I was surprised to hear people say that they were planning on voting for Trump in the Presidential race, but not for Pat McCrory in the gubernatorial race. A lot of voters stated that they were displeased with how McCrory had handled HB 2.

This fall I will be working for the Forsyth County GOP as a Turf Coordinator so I will be knocking on many more doors before the election in November. I look forward to interacting with many more voters in this county.



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