Good Morning Philadelphia!!

*note* I wrote this on the bus ride to Philadelphia from Washington D.C. I have included at the bottom how I feel that my expectations differed from my actual experiences at the DNC

As we drive from Cleveland to Philadelphia, I have been reflecting on my experience at the RNC, and what it will mean for my experience this coming week at the DNC. Because the “establishment” Republicans were not in attendance, I felt like the RNC was not representative of any other political convention that has ever occurred.

Although I am incredibly grateful that I was able to attend and witness what will go down in history as the fascinating election cycle of the 21st century, I also hope to gain from this experience an understanding of how a more “normal” national political convention may go down.

That is what I hope to get from the DNC.

I understand that even though Hillary is the most “establishment” candidate that the Democratic Party could have chosen that this convention may still be a little unconventional. 2016 was an election cycle where the American people have yearned for candidates who are not insiders on Washington, and Hillary is about as in those circles as one can possibly be.

However, Hillary is still running the show, and she is going to put on the traditional convention that I have been looking for.

I am interested in comparing the attitudes of people who have come up to Philly for this week, and compare it to the RNC.

This week will be incredibly exciting, particularly since several members of the cohort have been #ReadyForHillary since the beginning of this crazy adventure began (note: no one was ever on the #TrumpTrain). To see passion within the cohort itself I believe will bring a new dimension to the convention experience. Unlike at the RNC – where the passion for Trump stayed very reserved to the people we spoke to in Cleveland – the passion for Hillary at the DNC will be with us as we travel everywhere we go.

Even if my personal beliefs do not always line up with those of the Democratic Party, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to challenge and ground my ideas through listening to others’. Wake the Vote has been an incredible experience, and I cannot wait to continue my own personal growth at the DNC. I truly believe that listening to people from all parts of the spectrum to be crucial to having a healthy democracy, and look forward to seeing how my perception of democracy changes while in Philly.

I can’t wait to see what happens!!!


NOW, here is what I ACTUALLY got out of the experience:

I thought that the DNC was an incredible experience, because it allowed me to push my own personal beliefs through the panels and speeches that I heard. An experience that I particularly appreciated was the ability to observe the caucuses first-hand. I was able to attend meetings of the Women’s, Native American, and Hispanic Caucuses. I really appreciated that these events were open to the public, because it allowed more to have an ability to see each group’s niche within the platform/agenda of the Party.

I do believe that my expectations were met in regards to the ‘conventional’ nature of the convention. Democrats were thrilled to be there and see leaders of their party speak on behalf of Secretary Clinton.

Being able to actually enter the DNC and see the energy of the convention when amazingly gifted public speakers was a once in a lifetime experience that I am incredibly grateful to have had. Hearing the crowd erupt when Secretary Clinton made a surprise appearance on stage felt completely unreal, and it was impossible to not get caught up in the excitement.



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