70 Days

We’re back! WTV is home at Mother So Dear and things are already getting busy. I spent a few hours last Friday posted up in Benson waiting for unsuspecting freshman with a clipboard and convincing spiel. That’s right, its voter reg season folks. It was cool getting to talk to a lot of our new students and address some common misunderstandings about residency and where you can register. Many did not realize they could register here in NC instead of their home state. The majority of new students I approached were eager to sign up and excited to be able to accomplish voter registration in between picking up their recycling bin and post office key. We positioned ourselves to be just another stop in the new student information session carnival and it worked fairly well. The three of us got about 50 students which is not a bad days work. I and a few other WTVers have signed up to be Hillary fall fellows until the election and this was one of our first assignments. We will be getting the rest of our schedule soon and I am excited to see what that looks like. I think the organizing and canvassing skills we learned travelling the country this past Spring will definitely be put to good use, this time right here in NC. I’m also really interested in trying a new app that Voto Latino, where I had my summer internship, created called Voter Pal. Voter Pal is an awesome tool that makes registration really easy. All you do is scan your driver’s license or state ID and all the information is filled out for you. Of course, for out of state students who want to register in NC this is not an option but it might be a great tool to use out in the Winston-Salem community. It is so great to see experiences, tools, and lessons from my internship being applied back home here in NC. I can’t wait to get out there and turn NC blue!

-Sophia Rossell



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