Identity Crisis?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.40.12 PM.png

I started my summer in the office of Senator David Perdue, a first term Republican from Georgia with little experience in government but decades of success in the private sector.  Yes, I am a Democrat. And yes, I willingly interned for a Republican.  My thought process was to apply for an internship for both a Republican and Democrat to continue exploring both ends of the political spectrum as I had done and so enjoyed earlier in the year with Wake The Vote.  Much like my experience working on the Cruz and Rubio campaigns, I kept my political identity to myself; I didn’t them to think I had subversive intentions.  I tried to treat the entire experience like a thought experiment, reading Senator Perdue’s statements on legislation, from the idiosyncratic to the extremely broad.  Maybe I would even shift my own perspective on some issues on which I was not in complete agreement with the Democrats.

Nick Boney


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