The “New” Democrats

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.36.55 PM.png

After waiting nearly two weeks to actually enter the convention hall, I was unbearably excited to attend the penultimate night of the Democratic National Convention.  The party’s national committee wasted no time trying to maintain the image of the most progressive party in politics.  As soon as we walked in the door, I noticed a sign that read “All Gender Restroom” with three stick figures just below the text.  One of them wore a dress, the next pants, and the third was half and half: a mixture of the two previous figures.  It was a proud and not-so-subtle statement on the controversial HB2 law recently passed in North Carolina, but it was also a gesture towards the party’s new identity as progressives.  On the convention floor, a man held proudly above his head a poster with “WOMEN RULE,” furthering the narrative of the all-inclusive and increasingly liberal party. 

One of the keynote speakers that evening has an extraordinary role in maintaining this new identity is someone that embodies it the least.  While Tim Cain may be an outstanding choice for the sake of presiding over the senate as Vice President, he seems to have trouble engendering the spirit of the Democratic party that was brought to light by Bernie Sanders earlier in the election.  Senator Cain’s companion, Hillary Clinton, is even more inept at reassuring her party she is the person to implement the reform that the left wants to see.  This disconnect is mostly due to the fact that Secretary Clinton simply is not the progressive liberal to bear the new face of the party.  She has been and most likely always will be a centrist.  While her efforts for women’s and children’s issues is certainly forward-thinking and long overdue, her foreign policy is―to use a cliche―hawkish.  

Nonetheless, I believe Mrs. Clinton is infinitely more qualified and capable than Donald Trump. So, while I’m with her through this November, I still think the Democratic Party is in desperate need of a makeover before the next election cycle.


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